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We hebben een vernieuwde webshop. Snel betalen, betrouwbare levertijden. Allemaal dankzij onze nieuwe partner Blendomatic.

Daarnaast hebben we vanaf nu ook Girly-shirts in de maten S,M en L. Uitchecken dus.

11 thoughts on “Vernieuwde webshop (Blendomatic)

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  4. ci_pin_ha disse:Aproveitando o tópico sobre o Ec-145, gostaria de saber dos mais intendidos quanto à “concorrência” da MB para substituir o Esquilo, dizem que o Ec-145 e o AW-109 deverão fazer parte. Agora por que não padronizar os helicópteros e trazer o Panther para ser esse substituto?P.S: Só não vale dizer que é por causa do tamanho, já que dos helicópteros citados acima, o Panther tem uma diferença de centímetros.

  5. If we were all as well paid as you scamp, then maybe we wouldn’t think it affected individuals either.I had an elecricity bill the other day that has doubled in price since the last qurter bill i got.Greggs looks surprisingly tastey all of a sudden…

  6. I agree it doesn’t really look like a “kids” party but I think that’s a good thing, I can’t take all the caracter craziness and ugly kids decorations. I LOVE THIS! I love those sandals too… :)

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